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icon concrit meme

icon crit meme
♡ Reply to this post with your username and/or journal you post your icons at and 5-10 icon samples, so even people who might not be familiar with your icons can offer their input.

♡ Reply to people's comments with critiques and opinions on their icons. Anonymous comments are enabled and IP logging is disabled, if you feel you need to use that option. Also, if you have a critique, but don't know how to technically describe what's bothering you, take a look at this guide, which can be very helpful.

♡ Be polite, but honest. The purpose of this meme is to be helpful, so any wank will be deleted. However, I'm not going to be patrolling every comment, so if anything comes up, please report it here.

♡ Pimp this out in your journal and/or icon community, etc!

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this is a combination of several different icon concrit memes from LJ, but is most heavily based on [livejournal.com profile] thrift's!
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okay, why not
(not that i haven't posted in ages but shhh)

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