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party pokemon code + pc code

So this was made for one of my RPs, [community profile] worldhoppers, but if you play Pokemon, have a Pokemon AU, or just like pretty code, then this is for you. The two pieces of code here simulate a (modified) Pokedex and PC in Pokemon Black/White.

#585      Deerling
Name: ❝ Nickname ❞
Lv. 32
OT: Trainer
Brave nature.
Somewhat vain.
Ability: Sap Sipper
Boosts Attack when hit by a Grass-type move.
Take Down Jump Kick
Aromatherapy Energy Ball

code by swagu

Okay, so as you might imagine, this is a pretty complex piece of code! And depending on your browser/monitor, the spacing might be off, but that's kind of up to you to fix, since fixing spacing on a theoretical basis is not exactly something I'm good at. But for this table, there are four main parts.
ONE: Pokemon Sprite
So this one is pretty self explanatory. You can grab an animated sprite from this website (there are lots of images here, so not dial-up friendly), upload it elsewhere, then plug it into the code where it says "SPRITE URL HERE". Depending on the size of the sprite, it might not align as well, but this is pretty easy to fix. Delete or add space via the enter key as needed until it's aligned to your liking.
TWO: Info Box
This one is slightly more complex, but still pretty easy, since it's just dealing with text. Just change the information to suit the Pokemon, which will be noted by CAPS. In addition, the code for the Pokemon's gender has both built in, and you should delete the part that doesn't apply. So if the Pokemon is male, delete the red out of the font color="RED/BLUE" and the female symbol out of the choice of ♀/♂.

For the Pokemon type, you can copy the URLs of the type sprites below, or you can just manually change the name of the URL. They're all the typename.png hosted on my Photobucket, so you don't really need to even copy the sprites below. For the OT, put your character's name (or the name of the character they traded with). For the nature of the Pokemon, if you're not familiar, Pokemon have a "personality" specified by their nature + the small phrase below, which is called a characteristic. In the game, these affects their growth, but for RP purposes, it's just to give them a personality, so to speak. You can find more about natures/a list here, and characteristics here.


THREE: Ability
This one is also pretty self-explanatory. Go to your Pokemon's page to find out what ability it has (if they could have two, then you can pick. However, Pokemon cannot have the Hidden Ability.). The ability's name goes where it says ABILITY NAME and the description where it says ABILITY DESCRIPTION. Duh.
FOUR: Moveset
This one is probably one of the more complex sections. Similarly, go to your Pokemon's info page, and pick their moveset. Remember that this should correspond to their level. So for the example above, this Deerling should not have Solarbeam, which it learns at level 51... Replace the move-type like you did for the Pokemon type in step one. Then type the move name where it says MOVE NAME. Change the link to correspond with the move, also saying MOVE NAME.
Other than this, I don't recommend changing anything! I won't be providing much support with this code, so you're on your own if something gets messed up or doesn't work. Also, don't remove the credit code, please!

Phew! So with all that out of the way, here is the code:


code by swagu
And now for the PC code! Luckily, this one is much simpler, and you can keep track of the Pokemon's information through the comments. Editing that information follows the same general rules as the main Pokemon code, and is in a simplified form. Here's that code:
Now, for the PC code itself. Essentially all you need to change are the links and the images of the Pokemon in the PC as well as the background image! Again, this website will provide you with the small sprites, which you should upload elsewhere. As for backgrounds, you can find those here.

The PC code can support three rows of Pokemon with up to four sprites in each row. Editing this code is also pretty simple! Just replace the following with the appropriate link or image: BACKGROUND_IMAGE, PC_LINK, SPRITEURL. So here's the code:
And with that, we're done! Enjoy! ♥
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This code's really cool - it'll be handy for some of my other accounts, too~!
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oh my god

i can't think of an excuse to use these off the top of my head but i'll be damned if i don't find one

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I have no use for this, but wow. This is seriously awesome.
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this is really
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Oh, wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this~ ♥
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i love you.
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this is amazing and beautiful but some of the source images seem to have been moved. do you by any chance have new links for them?
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OMG disregard this I FIGURED IT OUT. SORRY! snagging this, thank you so much :3 :3
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[personal profile] unchimerical 2012-08-15 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
Just as a note, I found a couple of errors in the code for the main entry; a couple of missing closing tags makes it so that things break if you try to stack multiple dex entries in the same post. The end of the code should be as follows:

ETA: I didn't look through the other code samples to see if the same error is there, but it might be.
Edited 2012-08-15 04:58 (UTC)
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Thanks! That's great.
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/mems the shit out of this
I don't usually have a profile code at all in general because duhh never know what to put there, but definitely saving this one for possible future use because it's amazing (and looks like it was an awful lot of work).
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[personal profile] chimp 2012-12-06 03:48 pm (UTC)(link)
This is genius. I... don't know if I have anywhere use it, but it's awesome all the same! It must have taken a lot of work D:
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I modified this a bit and used it as my profile. I credited! This is awesome. Thanks!
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[personal profile] chardismastic 2016-09-17 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome code! Is there a way for the simple PC code to be set up so that two Pokedex entries are on the same line? I tried fudging the tr/td setup to go two by two but no luck :(